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  • New Car Articles

    • 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

      The 2017 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is a true force to be reckoned with - a high-performance muscle car in every sense of the phrase. Its exclusive supercharged Hemi SRT Hellcat V8 provides explosive power straight off the line. Whenever you crave a little extra attention, simply sound the Hellcat's delicious exhaust note. Inside, the Challenger SRT Hellcat bests competitors with expansive passenger accommodations and - surprise! - a comfortable ride.

    • 2017 Dodge Charger

      The 2017 Dodge Charger is legendary for its massive muscle, but it's also a sublimely comfortable family hauler and something of a tech genius. On the road, no other full-size sedan comes close to its athletic power and performance. But, inside, the Charger is equally appealing. Both rows supply the head and leg room you don't typically find in high-performance vehicles, which often sacrifice interior comfort for aerodynamics.

    • 2016 Chrysler 200

      The 2016 Chrysler 200 is a mid-size sedan that brings a long list of benefits to the table, including a roomy, high-class cabin, modern tech features, and a smooth, capable ride. After a redesign last year, the 2016 Chrysler 200 is a major competitor in this crowded segment. You'll love how the cabin combines interior luxury with modern tech features - including cutting-edge safety systems. When you hit the highway, the Chrysler 200 glides into traffic effortlessly.

    • 2016 Chrysler 300

      The 2016 Chrysler 300 is a luxurious full-size sedan that's known for its excellent safety record, yawning passenger space, and upscale comfort. This sedan is more than an American icon - it's the best-in-class choice for drivers who crave the finer things. Inside, the Chrysler 300 provides major passenger comfort. The latest tech features are easy to use. On the road, the 300 easily surpasses the competition. In stormy weather, all-wheel drive helps you maintain your footing on icy roads.

    • 2016 Dodge Challenger

      The 2016 Dodge Challenger is a stunning muscle car that delivers a high-powered ride, high-tech safety gear, and premium passenger space. The cabin is truly spacious, with enough room for four full-size adults to fit comfortably. High-tech infotainment features keep you connected, thanks to functions like hands-free texting and music streaming. On the road, the Challenger is in a class all its own. It adds a comfortable ride and proficient handling to muscle-car power.

    • 2016 Dodge Charger

      The 2016 Dodge Charger is a full-size sedan that delivers massive interior space, muscular performance, and family-friendly safety. The Charger is more than a plush people-hauler: its burly V8 engines pack plenty of punch, making it the perfect pick for driving enthusiasts. The cabin supplies all the latest tech innovations, giving you the most in passenger protection and smartphone integration features. This year, the Charger is more refined than ever, with items like upgraded leather seats.

    • 2016 Dodge Dart

      The 2016 Dodge Dart is a compact sedan that's designed to deliver spacious passenger accommodations, modern infotainment features, and a sporty ride. Inside, you can't help but love the Dart's supportive seating and substantial shoulder room. Dodge's Uconnect touchscreen interface is among the best out there to keep you connected on the go. When it's time to hit the road, the Dart impresses with its responsive steering and handling. Check out our review to learn more about this exciting sedan.

  • New Suv Articles

    • 2017 Dodge Journey

      The 2017 Dodge Journey is a mid-size crossover that provides three rows of seating, excellent safety features, and family-friendly tech gadgets. In addition to rich passenger comfort and support, the Journey offers an affordable price tag. Inside, you'll love the Journey's classic style and plush passenger accommodations. This crossover is also big on safety, giving you and your favorite passengers the star treatment. On the road, it feels sublimely smooth.

    • 2017 Jeep Compass

      The 2017 Jeep Compass is a small crossover SUV that offers an affordable price tag, excellent off-road capabilities, and modern creature comforts. Inside, there's plenty of head- and legroom for up to five passengers. The Compass combines cabin comfort with impressive utility - the perfect pick if you want to bring your entire family, their luggage, and your boat to the beach for the weekend. Unlike competitors, the Compass travels the off-road like a pro. It'll take you on your next adventure without a hitch.

    • 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee

      The 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a traditional mid-size SUV that offers rugged off-road performance, high-tech infotainment options, and roomy accommodations. It's the perfect pick for adventurous drivers and big families alike, combining powerful performance with rich interior comfort. The Grand Cherokee also big on safety, treating you to high-tech driver aids and strong crash-test scores. In terms of performance, this SUV delivers the goods - it's strong on and off the pavement.

    • 2017 Jeep Wrangler

      Whether you're planning a rock-climbing foray into the Wild West or simply like to frequent your local mud pit, there's no off-roader that's more capable than the 2017 Jeep Wrangler. Choose between the Sport, Sahara and king-of-the-hill Rubicon models for the performance that meets your uniquely rugged standards. With the Wrangler's rugged hardware at your command, freedom and adventure are always just around the corner.

    • 2016 Dodge Durango

      The 2016 Dodge Durango is a handsome three-row crossover SUV that offers room for the entire family, a compliant ride, and impressive towing capabilities. If you've got your heart set on the off-road, the Durango's four-wheel drive system with low-range gearing can take you there. Inside, this spacious crossover is even roomier than most competitors, making it a great pick for road trips and forages into the great outdoors. The Durango also provides impressive power when you need it most.

    • 2016 Dodge Journey

      The 2016 Dodge Journey is a crossover SUV that offers up to three rows of seating, high-tech features, and premium safety gear. Inside, the new Journey provides modern tech features and plush comfort. It's the perfect pick for families with a penchant for travel and the great outdoors. The Journey's all-wheel-drive system increases traction on slippery surfaces and helps you voyage off-road. You'll never give safety a second thought, because this crossover is designed for maximum protection.

    • 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude

      The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude is a small crossover SUV that delivers premium passenger space, off-road-ready performance, and all the latest tech gear. It's also a great everyday ride, offering generous comfort and refinement. Inside, the Cherokee Latitude is stocked with all the latest comfort and convenience features to keep you happy on the go. It also impresses with its high-tech safety gear and impressive crash test scores.

    • 2016 Jeep Compass

      The 2016 Jeep Compass is a small crossover SUV that's designed to provide impressive interior style, comfort, and performance at an attractive price. When you choose the Freedom Drive II all-wheel-drive system, you'll enjoy best-in-class off-road capabilities. In back, the unique flip-down tailgate speakers are always ready for your next mobile gathering. Inside, passengers enjoy supportive, comfortable seating and vast head- and legroom.

    • 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Test Drive

      I recently had the opportunity to rent the 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited for a business trip I took to Wyoming. By "opportunity", what I really mean is "I requested a Toyota 4 Runner and they stuck me with a Jeep". Now, I have nothing against jeeps. I had three Jeep Cherokee's in my youth. In fact, I loved them so much that I kept the one that I wrecked so that I could continue to use it for parts. I wanted to keep my other one alive well into the apocalypse so it could fit right in with the zombies- the [driving] dead. However, when I married my husband, I sold my jeep and we drove his Toyota Land Cruiser. After that, I joined #teamtoyota and haven't looked back (where's the loyalty?). Anyways, I requested the 4 Runner and was a little disappointed that my "like vehicle" was a Grand Cherokee. But, whatever, it was midnight and I had a LONG drive to the hotel (Wyoming, remember?). I never expected my rental car to rekindle the Jeep flame that was buried deep under Toyota timber, but it did.

    • 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

      The 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV that delivers an upscale cabin, a wealth of tech features, and an energetic performance. The Grand Cherokee's modern engine lineup combines potent power with premium fuel economy, setting it apart from SUVs of old. When it comes to passenger comfort, this Jeep is at your service. Plush seating and soft surfaces establish long-term comfort. There's also a lot to like about the Grand Cherokee's safety lineup. Check out our review for more info.

    • 2016 Jeep Patriot

      The 2016 Jeep Patriot is a five-passenger compact crossover SUV that's known for its attractive price tag, off-road capabilities, and innovative tech features. This year, Jeep introduces a number of handy tech features, including standard Bluetooth wireless connectivity, so you can stay connected on the go. Safety items, like the rearview camera, help you protect your family from danger. Throughout your travels, you'll enjoy a swift, capable ride.

    • 2016 Jeep Renegade

      The 2016 Jeep Renegade is a subcompact crossover that provides best-in-class off-road capability, a smooth ride, and a handsome, high-tech cabin. If you're in the market for a roomy, agile ride that doubles as a rugged trail cruiser, the Jeep Renegade offers major appeal. Powertrain options aren't just powerful - they also strive to save you money at the pump. The Renegade is also known for its towing utility, making it a great pick to haul your favorite toys to the shore.

  • New Truck Articles

    • 2017 Dodge Ram 3500

      When you need power that just won't quit, check out the 2017 Dodge Ram 3500. This heavy-duty truck puts competitors to shame - especially in terms of towing and hauling capabilities. Moreover, it delivers a class-exclusive air suspension for smooth coasting in any terrain. You'll also find best-in-class interior style for a truly luxurious ride to work. Performance hardware, like four-wheel drive, helps you travel to remote work sites without getting stuck in the mud.

    • 2017 Ram 1500

      The 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that's known for its upscale passenger comfort, impressive safety, and rugged power. The Ram 1500 has also perfected the art of towing and hauling heavy loads. Use this rugged truck to explore the off-road. Inside, you'll find luxurious passenger accommodations, with features like heated and ventilated front seats. The Ram's high-tech features, including the Uconnect infotainment system, aim to keep you connected throughout your travels.

    • 2017 Ram 2500

      The 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty pickup truck that provides robust towing and hauling capabilities. In terms of power, you can choose from a range of powerful engines, all of which deliver the performance you need on the job. In addition to maximum utility, the Ram 2500 is big on luxury and modern convenience. The cabin supplies ample passenger space and upscale features, like heated front seats. Tech gadgets, like the central Uconnect system, keep you connected throughout your workday.

    • 2016 Dodge Ram 1500

      The 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 is a full-size pickup truck that offers a winning combination of towing and hauling utility, off-road prowess, and interior comfort. With an incredible list of configurations to choose from, it's easy to drive away with the exact model that suits your needs. The Ram 1500 engine lineup impresses, providing ample power to tow and haul major loads or cruise over rugged terrain. Inside, this pickup truck is spacious, comfortable, and high-tech.

    • 2016 Dodge Ram 2500

      The 2016 Dodge Ram 2500 is a heavy-duty truck that offers inspiring towing and hauling performance, massive interior space, and work-friendly features. This pickup combines powerful engine options with gargantuan utility for best-in-class tow ratings. The Ram's unique RamBox provides lockable space for your tools and equipment. Choose from a range of cabin and bed-size configurations for the model that suits you best. Inside, you'll find plenty of luxury and refinement.

    • 2016 Dodge Ram 3500

      The 2016 Dodge Ram 3500 is a heavy-duty truck with all the right moves - including rugged off-road capabilities, luxurious cabin options, and innovative, work-friendly features. Choose from a range of Hulk-like engines designed to tow and haul massive weight. Inside, the Ram 3500 is among the most spacious, refined heavy-duty trucks out there. This truck is also big on tech features, including the attractive Uconnect central infotainment system, to help you make the most of your ride.

  • New Van Articles

    • 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

      The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is an all-new minivan that treats drivers to a smooth, responsive performance and impressive interior comfort. With its high-quality materials and clean-cut design, the Pacifica is big on luxury. Besides keeping you connected with a wealth of smartphone apps, the Pacifica also keeps young passengers entertained with items like the rear-seat Blu-ray player. On the road, the Pacifica offers high-tech security features and a composed ride.

    • 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan

      The 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is a seven-passenger minivan that's known for its versatile cabin, rich tech features, and affordable price tag. Inside, the Grand Caravan provides plenty of space for the whole family. The innovative Stow 'n Go second-row seats fold all the way into the floor with the touch of a lever, expanding cargo space in a snap. The Dodge Caravan balances a smooth ride with money-saving fuel economy. This minivan is also big on safety for maximum passenger protection.