2018 Dodge Demon Preview

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2018 Dodge Demon Preview

2018 Dodge Demon Preview

The Challenger SRT Hellcat has already become a mythical beast of a car since it started its assault on the American muscle car market a couple of years ago. Since its launch, though, competitors have introduced track-focused versions of their own muscle cars that have rivaled or, in some cases, even outdone the Hellcat. That situation couldn’t be allowed to continue, so Dodge is out to take back its territory. The answer from Dodge is the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, possibly one of the most mind-blowingly cool vehicles in recent memory..


The Demon is essentially a wide body version of the current Challenger SRT Hellcat, although the bulging air intake on the hood is without doubt a functional feature to push air into the supercharger rather than any sort of design feature. The Demon has therefore taken the stunningly retro and much-loved style of the current Challenger and sent it to the gym to pump some iron. It’s certainly not subtle in any way whatsoever, but why on earth would anyone want it to be?


The engine is really the be-all and end-all of the Dodge Demon and it shares a good amount with its less-powerful Hellcat sibling. Just stop think about that for a moment–who really thought we’d describe the Hellcat as a “less-powerful sibling” to another Challenger?

The powerplant is still a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-8, but this monster develops a simply remarkable 840 horsepower and 770 lb.-ft. of torque, which is 133 horsepower and 120 lb.-ft. more than the Hellcat. A larger 2.7-liter supercharger is in play this time around, and this beast also utilizes a Demon-specific crankshaft, camshaft, valve train, connecting rods, and pistons that are upgrades from the regular Hellcat specification. The Demon also features dual fuel pumps and the world’s only factory-provided race-gas tuning to make this monster so blisteringly quick. As if that’s not enough, the Demon has a dedicated high octane mode to allow the Dodge to take advantage of 100+ octane unleaded race gas.


Of course, we all know it’s going to be fast, but just how fast is it? Well, reports say the Dodge Demon will get from zero to 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds, which would put the vast majority of exotic supercars in its dust. It also manages the quarter-mile in an incredible 9.65 seconds at more than 140 mph.

As the factory tires that come on the Demon are designed specifically for track performance, its maximum speed would be around 168 mph. However, with tires designed purely for achieving the highest possible top speed, it’s believed the Demon could reach 261 mph or more with an assumed 0.67 eighth-gear ratio. The fact is, this is a car that’s actually been banned by the NHRA for being just too fast. With some added safety features for this level of speed, the NHRA will be happy to endorse it, we’re sure.

Availability and Price

Here’s the bad news: the Demon is a limited run model. That means that, for the 2018 model year, Dodge will be producing 3,000 units for the American market and a further 300 for Canadian buyers. Production gets underway in late summer, with deliveries to dealers expected start in the fall. For the $85,000 MSRP, every buyer will be entitled to a complimentary day of driver training at the Bob Bondurant School of High-Performance Driving. Unless you’re Dale Earnhardt Jr., or another top-level pro race driver, it would probably be a good idea to take Dodge up on that offer.

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